What is nobimap?

It’s the binational node’s proposal in advanced manufacturing and processes, which is led by the research center and electrochemistry technological development s.c., CIDETEQ; and integrates seven public centers as associated institutions.
  • CIQA
  • CINVESTAV Unidad Querétaro
  • UPQ
  • ciatec
  • ciateq
  • cidesi
  • cideteq
  • ciqa
  • cinestav
  • comimsa
  • upq
Frase Louis Pasteur


  1. Robotics and Automation
  2. Information an communications technology (ICT)
  3. Materials
    1. Composite materials
    2. Nanotechnology
    3. Advanced Polymers
    4. Advanced Material Processing
    Sustainable Processes
    1. Sustainable manufacture
    2. Sustainable water processes
    3. Sustainable energy processes

Objetivos Plan Nobi



Strengthen innovation actions for commercial purposes of the technologies developed in Node R & D Centers, through the implementation of Innovation Corps methodology from the National Science Foundation.


  1. TECHNOLOGY MATURATION: Develop collaborative mechanisms between the Centers, sharing thick methodology and a context where they are country leaders, as well as strengthen the collaboration network along with the private sector, through the sight of mentors.
  2. TRANSFER AND COMMERCIALIZATION: Develop the skills for teamwork of consolidated researchers, to transfer their developed knowledge and technologies in commercial opportunities.
  3. TECHNOLOGICAL BASED ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Incorporate in bussiness plans and in the NoBi MAP, the circular economy principles and sustainability.
  4. LINKAGE: To have in the Node a meeting point with relevant actors of the Mexican innovation ecosystem and in the United States, thanks to the binational collaboration.

Nodo Científico


A group of scientific-academic institutions whose work will be to become regional leaders in the scientific personnel training in matters of technological innovation and their development. Nodes work together to improve creation and exploitation of technologies that benefit society. Their principal function is to train scientific personnel in matters of technological innovation. The starting point is the studies plan used to support the I-Corps teams of the National Science Foundation.

Nodo Científico


Partner institutions look forward to strengthen through the Node:
  1. Practices and experiences in innovation, entrepreneurship, technological transfer and marketing approachment.
  2. The creation of a collaboration bond between the eight Centers of this Advanced Manufacturing and Industrial Processes group that allows to enhance the competences and linking strategies that each one seeks to build or strengthen.
Instituciones Socias

CIDETEQ Leader Institution:

Since it’s begining, CIDETEQ has been a leader in research and devolpment of Electrochemestry Technology, plus, it also provides different services to the industry; such as metal analysis, water analysis, material characterization an failure analysis. Within its portafolio of intellectual property, CIDETEQ has 7 granted patents, 1 copyright, 21 pending patent requests and 3 more for utility model registration. 12 PEI projects were developed en 2015.
  • CIATEC (Partner Institution)
    • We have scientific competences in material, enviromental and biomechanical subjects, with posgraduated students and applied research projects, we generate published articles at the Citation Index. The technological products are Technological and research services: patents and technological developments linked to different companies. This, regarding PEI and FIT funds from CONACYT, and Finnovateg (statal).
    • The techonological entrepreneurism in CIATEC its from it’s begginning an effort of CIATEC transfer of technologies patent with different companies. We currently have more tan 40 patent récords, in addition to the utility and industrial design models.
  • CIATEQ (Partner Institution)
    • With nacional presence, specialized in the development and application of advanced manufacture, and six infrastructure areas and service: Mechanical Systems; Advanced Plastics and Materials; IT Electronics and Control; Plant and Construction Engineering; Virtual and Manufacture Engineering; as well as Measurement Systems. It also has to offer a Certified Knowledge Transfer Office in the face of CONACYT and a Postgraduate for Industry. An accumulation of 84 intellectual property registers, and at least 7 companies were formally or informally derived from CIATEQ.
  • CIDESI (Partner Institution)
    • Develops skills in advanced manufacturing oriented to solve integral problems in robotic systems, electronics and automation, energy oriented mechatronic inspection equipment, conventional and renewable energies, and inspection methods and metrology. In cold weather that attends companies that manufacture refrigeration equipment, MEMS related to electronics, have been financed by funds such as FOMIX, FORDECyT, PEI. Certification AS9100C "PRI", Accreditation NMX-EC-17025-IMNC-2006 "EMA" (12 metrological magnitudes and 4 test laboratories).
  • CINVESTAV Querétaro’s Unit (Partner Institution)
    • The unit is formed by 23 researchers, all of them members of the Researchers National System. It has a modern infrastructure that allows it to carry out the research with an impact on industrial and social sectors: 26 Laboratories, two of them national, whose services are ISO 9001 certified.
  • CIQA (Partner Institution)
    • With a 40 years experience, CIQA is specialized in the polymers field. It currently focuses its scientific capabilities in five research departments , it also has high-level analytical and instrumental infrastructure, 2 pilot plants, greenhouse area, and an experimental field. The Center has an intangible portfolio that compounds 27 patent titles and 131 applications for industrial property rights. Likewise, 2 licenses have been finalized.
  • CIQA
  • COMIMSA (Partner Institution)
    • The Research of Materials Mexican Corporation , COMIMSA, offers as it’s main services: Research, techonological development, trainning and postgraduate studies, services and engineering projects. The business lines are directed to the energetic , mining , automotive and steel sectors. Currently COMIMSA has a portfolio of intellectual assets with more than 250 intellectual property registers, and more than 10 transfers based on intellectual property and more than 100 on-demand developments.
  • Comimsa
  • UPQ (Partner Institution)
    • The Politechnic University is basically oriented to the development of professional skills from the students, therefore, with the highest academic quality, the teachers facilitate, encourage, interact and are able to respond effectively to the students training needs.
  • UPQ


Geographically, NoBi MAP has entrepreneurial teams in the states of Querétaro, Guanajuato and Coahuila; this, because of the location of the headquarters of the member centers. It is expected that from 2018, a dynamic that will allow reaching a greater geographical coverage will be opened, taking advantage of the fact that the presence of the eight participating institutions cover the entire Mexican Republic.


  • Aluminum oven for precise temperature control in heat treatment processes/Saltillo, Coah
  • Sulfide Hydrogen generator engine for corrosion testing on steels./Saltillo, Coah
  • Antimicrobial threads for textile use/Saltillo, Coah
  • Magnetic sensing in plant tissue/Saltillo, Coah
  • Manufacturing process for graphene in a large volume/Saltillo, Coah
  • “Self-diagnostic intelligent station for final inspection in Automotive Industry”./Querétaro, Qro
  • New System for polymeric coating policarbonate pipes./Estado de México
  • Integral Measurement Quality System for the Hydrocarbon Sector/Querétaro, Qro.
  • Scalable pre-treatment system for water with high organic load./Querétaro, Qro.
  • Performance and thermal distribution monitor system for cooling appliances./Querétaro, Qro.
  • Adaptive mold for composite manufacturing./Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas.
  • Automated cell of advanced manufacturing for wind shovel reparair./Querétaro, Qro.
  • Platforms for intelligent distribution in production lines./Querétaro, Qro.
  • Process & equipment to plants electrostimulation./Querétaro, Qro.
  • Process for metal recovering from electroplating waste./Querétaro, Qro.
  • System for domestic wastewater disinfection./Querétaro, Qro.
  • Bio refining process to obtain fuel./Querétaro, Qro.
  • Liquid Wood as a replacement for natural wood./León, Gto.
  • CIATHULE Recycled Tire rubber./León, Gto.
  • Fish Skin: Tanned Fish skin for Design applications./León, Gto.
  • Process to generate biogas from nopal./Querétaro, Qro.
  • Coating materials for biocompatible prosthesis./Querétaro, Qro.
  • Energy storage. Development of ferroelectric supercapacitors./Querétaro, Qro.


Linkage with the I-CORPS Nodes of The United States for the collaboration with the Nodes created in the United States, three candidates have been located:
  • The Bay Area Node (Standford, UC San Francisco and Berkeley)
  • The National Academy of Inventors Node
  • The Southwest Node (Texas A&M, Texas Tech University, University of Texas at Austin y Rice)
These three nodes are assigned to the Engineering-Innovation group and Industrial Collaboration (Industrial Innovation and partnerships, IPP), whose extent is aligned with the NoBi MAP objectives. NSF Innovation Corps (I-Corps).


  1. NOBI 2017 Launch
  2. Lessons Learned Workshop
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